Would You Rather Do What You Love or What Pays?

What is more important, a passion for the job, or the pay satisfaction of the job?

a passion for the job or the pay satisfaction of the job?

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What is passion for a job?

Some people would equate passion to a hobby or a dream. But this does not mean that if you like to sing in the shower, it is something you are passionate about doing full time!

So, what is passion?

Passion is having a strong positive emotional attachment, and very compelling reasons, to the things you are doing. Every individual's emotional attachment appears in different point in their lives. You will agree with me when I say that passion for a job rarely appears on day 1 of the job, it takes time and experience to develop a liking and a passion for something, if it even develops, that is.

Example, this person has found a hobby in fishing because he finds the thrill in reeling up the fish he's caught, this doesn't mean he has found his passion, this is simply just his hobby, something he enjoys doing during his free time. But if through fishing, he has found himself to continuously have a strong desire to learn, understand and to improve both his skillsets and his personal character through fishing, because by being able to fish extremely well or be so well versed in the art of fishing, he is able to teach others how to do sustainable fishing or promote it, which could provide him with a deeper meaning and purpose - to save our earth. This could be his newfound passion.

It is a very thin line there, between passion and simple, pure enjoyment.

The latest trends show that having a job that you are passionate about is all the rave. Find a job that you love, and never have to work a day in your life, right?

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What does this mean, does that mean that I have to look for a job that I like, or a job that will give me a strong desire to want to do my job exceptionally well because there is a strong desire for me to do so?

Why is the amount of pay important?

Having a job that you are passionate about does not necessarily mean that it will pay you well. You may love to do charity work as you have a strong passion for helping others, but in voluntary work, workers are usually given tokens of appreciations, or are remunerated a very basic amount for their time. You may argue then, how can we have both passion for a job that pays well, might as well put your bet on winning a lottery ticket instead! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

The very realistic truth is that the quality of life that we can have, is largely dependent on the amount of money that we have. Although happiness is subjective, and mean different things to everyone, I am talking about an above average comfortable life, where you have the freedom on the purse strings, can afford to make a few on the whim purchases, take that weekend getaway or long trip annually, as opposed to counting every dollar and cent that you spend, in case you overspent. If you want a life that sounds like this, the fact remains, we need to have strong financial backups.

Money and income is the baseline in basic survival (because we are not Tarzan living in the jungle). We need money for the most basic of expenses - Utilities. If you can’t even pay for your utilities, which comprises of your mobile bills, water and electricity, rent, how could you afford anything else? [endif]

Something to munch on, what do you think are your chances of landing a job that has both - pays well, and that you have passion for? Fat chance, or probably in *one eternity later*.

Like us, passion for a job can be cultivated, and this is no secret. Land a good paying job, then cultivate some passion for it, should you fail, move on to the next opportunity. I do believe that many job seekers implement this mindset, and since that is the case, this may mean that you may enter a saturated job market where there is “common passion” for a job, say marketing. In an employer’s market where they have a big pool of passionate talents to choose from, I'd imagine we would not have much say on the type of pay that we would be getting.

Why not create your passion out of a job?

Find a job that allows you to do all aspects of a business so that you find yourself in a sea of opportunities to allow your passion to build on as you experience it.

It may be easier to take up a job that has potential in you being passionate about, and then develop that passion, through experience, continuous learning and understanding on how our passion will be able to give us deeper meaning somehow.

Passion is the difference between a job and a career. Find that job that you can carve out into your career, and be passionate about.

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