8 Reasons Why People Love Spending Money On What They Don’t Need

Most people believe that having wealth can make them happy. The feeling of standing in front a wardrobe full of clothes, a dozen of expensive sneakers, fleets of cars lined all the way to your gate and a beautiful house are after all what some people call the modern American dream. Find out the top 8 reasons people give for wanting to buy wants more than the things that are important in life.

Spending Money on What You Don't Need


1. To impress others

People have a sense of pride that makes them want to flaunt. Everyone has a sense of pride, but some people choose to express their pride differently. People who feel the need to flaunt their clothes, cars and houses feel that everyone else should care about what they do. When a proud person finds out that no one is paying attention to their smartphone, for example, they quickly upgrade to the latest device. The only problem with trying to impress others is that you waste lots of money when in real sense few people care that you have a new car or watch.

2. Personality

Sometimes your personality is to blame for tending to prioritize wants over needs in life. You need medical checkup for the lump developing under your armpit but you feel that travelling is more important. Is that you? You have your calendar marked when the next great smartphone will be out but you can’t take your medication consistently. Don’t blame anyone else. Most people have a natural urge to spend. With advertising reinforcing that you shop every day and peer pressure being a burden for some, you may have to change from within to stop the poor habit.

3. Shopping Enables Self-Expression

Shopping is a human invention. A century ago, only the rich could afford luxurious products. These days, malls and online retail stores ensure that everyone can purchase products they identify with. Back when people lacked money, they had no reason to buy what they couldn’t afford. Today, you don’t need a dozen shirts in your wardrobe. But you have them. You probably have shoes for every occasion and day of the week. The ability to shop for items they love gives people a chance to express their feelings, likes and dislikes.

Shopping Enables Self-Expression

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4. Success

Sometimes people buy things because they think they need them. When you have money, it’s easy to think you need some things that you actually don’t. Why do you need three cars when you can only drive one at a time? Why do you have to purchase a new phone every year? You think that’s what defines you. You probably are worried what people will think about you. Having money and wealth makes some people get addicted to shopping-sometimes on the wrong things. It’s important to always prioritize and purchase the things that are important before you can purchase luxurious products.

5. Emotions

When you have less money, you buy what you need and not what necessarily gives you feelings like happiness. You buy a coat to protect yourself from cold, a pair of shoes, food and rent a small apartment. You buy items because you need them but not necessarily because they make you feel better about life. When you have money however, your choices increase. You start to feel the need to buy the things that make you happy. Suddenly you want to fulfill all sorts of feelings. All the emotions you wished you could fulfill drive you to shopping for goods that you actually don’t need.

Retail Therapy

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6. To cover Emotional Insecurities

People have different ways of hiding their emotional wants. People want to feel happy. They want to feel secure, comfortable and loved but sometimes they can’t find ways to fulfill these emotions. What do they do? Some people go for a shopping spree. They buy a new house. Some buy cars, expensive jewelry, clothes and electronic devices. Deep inside they know they don’t need extra clothes. But it makes them happy and they can afford the expensive items.

7. Selfishness

For some reason, some people don’t care that they are being selfish to themselves when they spend most of their wealth and time on luxurious. Self-centeredness is rooted within some people so deep that they could die spending on things that are unimportant. The society we live in also encourages consumerism. Every company wants to push sales and few people promote self-consciousness when shopping. It’s important everyone learns to take care of themselves. You need water more than alcohol. You don’t need a fleet of cars if you still rent a home. Keep your priorities straight and start with your most important needs.

8. You Fall for Marketing Hype easily

One of the most successful marketing tricks companies use is to convince buyers that their goods are an investment. People fall for that trick easily. Everyone wants to have a secured future. Investing gives you the financial, social and mental security you want to have. When dealing with finite products, marketers make you believe that buying today will give you an edge in the future. When you buy two cars today, you can always sell one in the future. This trick doesn’t always work with basic needs such as water and food because governments are always assuring people these products will be available. But it works with everything else, which makes it easy for the majority to become victims.

Falling for Marketing Hype

What are some things you buy that you don’t really need? Leave a comment!

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