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We care about your career progression. Guiding you from the moment you made the decision to join, to achieving your career objectives.

MDRT Mindset

Structured Career


Personal Mentoring

Why Join Us?

MDRT Mindset.  

Proven track record in grooming consultants to become MDRT within the first 24 months of their career.

Permanent Flexibility.

A strict nine-to-five workday is outdated. We have a culture of trust, as well as support for our team to work remotely yet getting their jobs done.

Structured Career Advancement. 

Career advancement and opportunities in place for consultants to explore.

Personal Mentoring.

Professional Mentors to guide you every step of the way to achieve personal and professional excellence.

Commitment to Health and Well-Being. 

We believe that to be successful, our team wellness programs need to be customized and include a wide variety of wellness initiatives. Wellness challenges, onsite health screenings, and regular lunch and learn sessions are implemented year-round.

Open Positions

Financial Services Consultant (FSC)

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to start a career in the financial industry, an individual looking for a career switch, or an experienced Insurance and Financial practitioner with loads of passion, we have the right platform to ensure your success as an FSC. Through our effective training programmes, rest assure that your career path is well crafted to ensure success!

* Limited to 4 consultants in 2020

Financial Services Manager(FSM)/Financial Services Associate Director(FSAD)

Welcome on board! Aspiring leaders can now thrive with our well-planned pre-management programs and systematic in-house training on team management, team building, recruitment and expansion. As an outstanding leader, take charge of your own sales activities and programs that will ensure great income while you make your team grow!


Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Digital Marketing Executives are generally responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy. In addition, they are responsible for managing, guiding and training digital marketers and other marketing positions in the team.