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Financial Services Consultant

Maynard Wong

"To life life to the fullest with no regrets"


Maynard has been a keen learner in the financial industry and has picked up skills to help clients through his coaching skills and knowledge to manage their finance. To help them achieve their dreams and goals in life. 

Principles & Values

To be able to walk the talk is a key value that Maynard holds dear to heart and applies to his clients. He is able to lead by example and help clients manage their finances from his experience. Support is another key value that he strongly believes in. He is always there when his clients needs him, and he finds any way possible to render support so they can succeed in life.


Belief & Interest

Maynard believes that everyone in life is able to succeed, we just need to be able to have the proper guidance and support. Besides being in the financial industry, Maynard is also a certified life coach, using his coaching skills to enable clients to achieve their best and that we all succeed together, not leaving anyone behind.

Personal Background

Maynard comes from a family of 4, with his father being the sole breadwinner. He has been inspired by his father since a young age to be able to succeed in life and provide from his family, and taking risks such as migrating from Hong Kong to Singapore to be able to let his family have a better life and education. Now he helps other families to be able to achieve a better life through proper financial planning and through life coaching, to find the perfect balance and live life to the fullest.


“Maynard's a passionate and dedicated advisor who always goes the extra mile for all his clients, especially when they need him most.


He's highly recommended to manage and plan anyone's finances!” 


—  Allie Chu, Founder of Candidly Media