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Financial Services Consultant

Jakes Ng

Principles and Values

Similarly to our life and goals for our family and ourselves which we have so long more to live and work towards to, why are we chasing and focusing on stuffs that are not align to what we target and live for.

Deriving a proper financial process is important as it will not be transactional based but able to work within suitability and managing expectations better from an overall view.

Beliefs and Interest

Jakes believes that everyone know what is best for them, however unable to keep up with common concerns and new perspectives aligned to today’s context to take care of the income earned due to time constraints.


Thus, he believes that parents should have a balance to be able to cater for the family needs, at the same time not neglecting self-requirements.

He assured and work with people from a wide range of community in his best effort so they do not face such circumstances with active management from good financial habits and accumulative improvements to achieve financial predictability.

Personal Background:

Being the only child from a single parent family, and started a family at a younger age with 2 daughters now, Jakes understand the financial commitments required and efforts parents put in for the family.

As all parents want the best for the family, but having insufficient time and clarity in the ever changing financial matters, Jakes works with them with personal experience shared to achieve the same goal on having a positive financial outcome.



Being a young mother with 2 children, I was afraid of any type of commitments with all the ad hoc spending required.

Jakes allows me to have an overall better visual on my financial timeline especially the part that my son and girl will be studying UNI at the same time.

I am most satisfied with the allocation he done, to ensure I can improve on my plans towards my needs slowly as time passes by. If you just started a family, I will suggest you to have a discussion with him to optimize your finances!