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Financial Services Consultant

Sheena Choo

“Through financial literacy, you will gain the knowledge to build a secure Financial Home”


Sheena is a dedicated Financial Educator who emphasises on the importance of financial education. She specialises in working with families and millennials, educating and guiding them through their financial planning journey. She also constantly strives to expand her financial knowledge in order to benefit and value-add to her clients in the long term.

Principles & Values

Trust and sincerity are two important values Sheena holds close to her heart. If there is no trust, there will be doubt and uncertainty. To build trust, it takes time and work. But when trust is established, then there will be effective communication and understanding, which Sheena values as an essential component in building long lasting relationships with her clients.

Belief & Interest

Sheena believes that by sharing financial knowledge to individuals and families, it empowers them to make better financial decisions and assist them in moving towards their financial goals. As circumstances can change as we move through life which may impact our financial plans, she also ensures that contingencies are in place.

She also emphasises on finding a balance in all aspects of life – career, personal, social and family.

She promotes a healthy lifestyle through balanced meal plans and exercise and strives to maintain work-life balance - spending quality time with loved ones and working towards her financial goals.


Personal Background

As a member of a family of 6, Sheena grows up well protected and supported by her parents and siblings. While her parents focus on building their wealth, there was not much emphasis on protecting their wealth and that exposes them to financial risks that could hurt their finances and retirement nest egg. Over the years, Sheena has helped to enhance her parents’ and siblings’ protection gaps which provides a peace of mind and assurance for the family in times of need. Now, she hopes to spread the importance of proper financial planning with as many people as possible and guide them through their journey.