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No System for success to achieving industry recognition

frustrated with Poor quality leads and low closing ratio?

do you not have a sustainable business plan to achieve 5-figure monthly income?

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FSCs Testimony

Consistent 5-figure income monthly from the first 30 days with Aegis 100

I was skeptical about the Insurance industry when I joined many years back, hence I decided to join the banks, which had with much better reputation and image, but to my surprise, I was still dealing with insurance. It was not bad and allowed me to have a decent income of $5k to $6k at the age of 28.


However, my family and I took a bad hit when the economy crashed, my salary was frozen, bonuses were cut, and working hours extended. This affected my time with my 2 daughters. I was unable to send them to & from school. After careful thought, I knew that I was unable to allow this to continue, moreover my income has been stagnant for 2.5 years.


I made a choice and stepped into Aegis Organization, a trusted name in the insurance industry after 6 months of consideration. Aegis Organization invests heavily, and had the platforms and growth structures for agents, in terms of proper guidance & mentorship, proven methods to obtain referrals, continuous self-improvement, knowledge & skill-based training. After intensive training, I realized that the insurance business is just about selling or being a salesperson, but a process of imparting self-management skills, financial education and helping clients derive a financial blueprint based on their needs & aspirations. With right process, mindsets, and systems in place, I managed to meet and work with more people, who referred me more people, because they appreciated the way I did our business, which in turn doubled my salary, and most importantly, I could manage my own time, and spend more time with my family. 

I urge people who were skeptical like myself, to give it a try, take the leap of faith! The insurance industry is saturated, but success will only come to those who have proper systems & methods to follow, and not forgetting a determined and persevering mindset, this could definitely be the career to consider!


Take advantage of the 60-Minute Career Discovery Session now!

At the end of the 60-minute session, you will discover:


  • The business model that suits your personality

business plan

steady income

  • Scaling up your business!

  • How to get people from asking you for more.

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FSCs Testimony


I was a student when I started the AEGIS 100 programme. I would say that the 100 days is the foundation which everyone needs to have a strong start in this career.


If you are in this industry and did not have the start you wanted to, I would say that AEGIS 100 will provide not only the platform for you to do prospecting, it will also show you how to plan effectively to achieve your goals in the time you set.


My mentors showed me how to segment and arrange appointments with my client into cold, warm, and hot prospects.


They will also mentally prepare me before I go for an appointment by doing role play to let me gain confidence, which I personally feel that it is important to go for an appointment prepared.


There will also be joint field work done during this 100 days where I learned not only from role play but also in real life where my mentors point out where I should improve and that makes my closing ratio better.


Objection handling is a very important part of our careers and during this 100 days, we were taught how to handle objections which the mentors collectively compiled and prepared us for all these situations.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is currently looking into joining this industry and to those who are currently in this industry but strongly feel that they have yet to reach their fullest potential, to come down for a career discovery session.


I didn’t and wouldn’t in my wildest dreams think that I can achieve more than $100,000 income as an undergrad when I was only 23 years old.



Our goal is to show you that the only way to exponentially increase your income is by mirroring and mastering our practice. 


Who is this for?


  • If you are a current practitioner facing difficulties in scaling up your business, this is for you!

This session is for those who are in the business right now and you want to take it to the next level with our proven strategies!


  • If you are a fresh graduates who are looking for better income, this is also for you!


This session is for those who are looking for a better income with a fulfilling career!

During this 100 days programme, you will:

Master the art of earning constant 5-figure income.



Acquire the actual system of leads generation

  • No Door Knocking

  • No Cold Calling

  • No Street Surveying

  • No Roadshow

Comprehensive Mentoring Programme


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The Reason Why We Are Different

We are different because we are certified practitioners and we will be implementing what we practice to you. 

Raphael Lee

Raphael Lee is a strategic partner at one of the most successful financial consulting groups in Singapore. As a member of the globally recognized Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Association, Raphael stands among the Top 1 % of Financial Professionals in the world. Upholding the highest standards of professional advise.


Since 2012, he has helped more than 300 families and individuals especially those between 20s to 40s  to reach financial success 5 to 10 years ahead of their goal and that alone gave him the motivation to reach out to even more people.


Since 2016, he has shifted his focus towards helping individuals to achieve their career goals.


Being a strong believer that career success is not about chasing production targets but rather the ability to make continuous sound career decisions. Raphael has also developed his passion in empowering individuals with the proven skillset to achieve a consistent 5-figure monthly income within 100 days.

amelia choo

A driven and self-motivated individual with close to 9 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. Being an advocate of work-life balance, Amelia is a full-time working mother, who aims to be the best at home and at work.


Amelia is also a firm believer in the Coaching process that encourages and facilitates thought process in allowing insight to come through.


Having been through rigorous training and with accumulated experience over the 9 years, she is keen to share them with like-minded individuals that have the passion to help other individuals and families make a positive difference in their financial health.

lin weishen

Lin Weishen, is a Financial Services Director. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP® ), and a Charted Financial Consultant® (ChFC®). Since joining the financial industry in 2006, he has been recognised with numerous awards for his leadership and outstanding achievements, most recently as a Million Dollar Round Table District (MDRT District).


Weishen has a wealth of experience in comprehensive financial planning and developing strong and practical solutions for his clients.


A frequent face at conventions, Weishen is one of the youngest district directors in Singapore. His team was most recently recognised as an MDRT District in 2016. He has successfully achieved Club Zenith in the years 2013 to 2017. Club Zenith is an award to recognize the quality of consultants being successful groomed in the first year. He has successfully recruited and groomed more than 30 consultants since he was promoted to District Director. 

Weishen places great importance in grooming the next generation of leaders and understands why in the first year, especially the first 100 days of a new consultant’s career is the most critical in ensuring success.


We know that many people out there teaching and making presentations are not certified. What we will share with you are based on our combined experience in the industry. 


We will share with you the actual things that we do in our business!

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Minimum full certificate in GCE 'A' Leve, diploma awarded by a polytechnic in Singapore or equivalent.

Minimum 21 years old

(as per MAS requirement)

Singaporean or PR Holders only!

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